Amazon damaged inventory has become a significant factor in my Amazon FBA business and I’ve come across a way to recoup your damaged inventory losses.

I have close to a hundred products currently listed on Amazon FBA and since all my products are shipped to Amazon in full carton quantities from my U. S. suppliers, it’s not too hard to figure out what happened to products I have returned that show knife slits across the front of them. I have my Seller Account set up for Amazon to automatically ship products back to me that Amazon has received back from customers who indicated their return was because of defective product. So each week I get several large boxes from Amazon with “defective” products and upon inspection I’m finding a significant number have clearly been damaged by Amazon in their warehouses – like carton knife cuts.

It occurred to me that if I was getting back this many products supposedly damaged by the customers, with the number of orders I have processed every month, how many of my products were actually being damaged by Amazon and never shipped to customers? And, even more interesting, was I getting reimbursed by Amazon for those damaged products. I began to do some research on Seller Central to see what reports might be available that could provide information on products damaged by Amazon. If you are familiar with Seller Central, trying to find the right report and then determine how to run it and analyze the data can be a daunting task. So I tried YouTube and found a very helpful video by Jessica of The Selling Family.

Finding Inventory That Amazon Has Damaged

Those Amazon warehouses are big places. Lots of machinery and of course people handling our products. Items are bound to get damaged while at the fulfillment centers. The report that I am going to show you today is the Inventory Adjustments Report, specifically for damaged inventory.

Video Walkthrough On Damaged Inventory Report

This video will show you step-by-step how to go through the damaged inventory report, and reconcile it so that you can ask Amazon for a reimbursement on the products that have not been reimbursed already. Their process is that they will automatically reimburse us after 10 days of an item being damaged. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

So, check out this video and follow along so you can submit your own case to request some money back from Amazon if you find you have items damaged by Amazon. I followed the steps Jessica covers in her video and went back a year and found over 100 items that showed damaged by Amazon with no corresponding reimbursement. I have started submitting my cases to Seller Central and have already received reimbursements. I am submitting my cases with only five requests per case. I have heard from other sources that anything over five requests can either end up in a delay or get escalated to a supervisor for review. So it will take a bit to work through these but well worth the effort. I now have someone working on this for me on a weekly basis.